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hypen keywords

I hope you are fine.
Can anyone explain about the hyphenated keywords in google(python based). In the google search if we enter a normal keyword then it shows the results but when we enter it with hyphen or minus symbol then it doesn't show the results.
Try out --->'GOOGLE' and '-GOOGLE' or 'FACEBOOK LOGIN' and '-FACEBOOK -LOGIN'. Google ignores these keywords.(You can try out other words as well with different combinations).
And on entering (29-9 or -9+8) google shows the calculator with asnwer but on entering(-9-9 or whatever values but with '-' sign)google shows the google map with zero result.
Similar thing i saw in the reddit search bar on entering 'microsoft'( reddit displays the results but on entering '-microsoft'( it fails with error message. 
Anyone explain it please.
Thanks in advance..

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